Fitness And Mental Health

We all know that exercising is the key to physical wellness. But, how many of us are aware of its positive impact on our mental well-being? Yes, exercising enables us to become an out-and-out fit person, guaranteeing both our physical and mental wellness. Exercising, not only strengthens your muscle power, but also boost-up your mental power. Every significant step followed to stay fit, contributes to yourbetter mental well-being. What does mental well-being mean? The mental well-being is the effectiveness in controlling yourpsychological emotions, which otherwise unmonitored may yield, disastrous results. Under stressful conditions, how you are able to focus and behavenormally decides your mental fitness. This also includes your social well-being aspect.

We can look at a person and conveniently access his/her physical fitness, by their weight, body shape, radiant skin etc. But, judgingmental fitness is not such an easy task. Many times we would have overheard certain shocking cases of ‘normal’ people sorting to suicide. The person in questionwould not even have displayed any alarming behaviors. Rather, just few hours before this mournful deed, he or she would have attended a gathering, gleefully. Most of the suicide cases and mental illnessesarise due to stress, depression, anxiety and failure to control the emotions, inferiority complex, lack of confidence etc. However, attaining mental stability is not a tedious assignment. Simple fitness related activities will enhance your mental well-being apart from promoting your physical stamina. 
Lots of exercises and activities focus on mental fitness. We will here, study the salient ones

Martial arts and mental health

These ancient forms of practices are gaining popularity day-by-day. Martial arts, a combat system of practices, aimed initially for self-defense is now concentrated on, applying it as an alternative therapy in healing mental disorders. ‘Martial Arts Therapy’,aims at subsiding aggressiveness in people, thereby instilling discipline, focus and self-confidence. Several rigorous researches are performed in proving its supremacy in curing mental disorders. Also, there arelots of personal testimonials of people benefitted by it,inundating the web world. It is misleading to portray it only as an attacking-sport. Most of the martial arts types emphasizes in avoiding the attack, rather instigating one. Aikido, which is a type of martial arts, concentrates on redirecting the aggressiveness of the opponent, rather responding it with a strike. Martial arts, educate its students to attack with discipline. Discipline is the fundamental part in martial arts and all of its types adhere to certain codes of ethics.Martial arts imparts the following mental benefits on people who pursue it, such as,

Relieves stress

Its main goal is to control and divert aggressiveness and hencehelps in countering the stress on mind. Any person who can control his aggressiveness can influence control over his/her mind. One who has mastered the mind control is free from any anxiety, depression and stress.

Enhances self-confidence

Many of these practices encourage people to defend themselves with confidence. Lack of confidence is another underlying issue for most suicide cases. Hence practicing martial arts instills self-confidence in people.

Controlling the emotions

As stated earlier, the martial arts concentrate on avoiding an attack rather,responding it with a blow. By this way, emotions are kept under control. Mastering one’s emotions solves the underlying causes for various mental illnesses.


Discipline is the fundamental element for any forms of martial arts. You can attack your opponent only by following certain ethical practices. Discipline also boosts up self-confidence which in turn enhances the mental well-being of a person.

Other exercises, gym activities for mental fitness

Even the simplest of exercises like, taking a walk of 10 minutes can benefit your mental health. Gym is not only a place to shape your body, but also to sharpen your brain and relieve your stress.
Many aerobics form of exercises like, jogging, swimming, cycling etc., not only benefits your cardiovascular health but also alleviates anxiety and depression. Research has proved the importance of exercising in overcoming drug addictions, which is a significant cause for neural and mental disorders. Studies have proven that, by taking interim, short exercise breaks amidst busy work schedules, workers contribute effectively in their workplaces. A brisk walk can sharpen your thoughts leading to increased productivity. Hitting a gym for any moderate exercisescan improve your sleeping ability and relax your brain. In general, any form of exercise provides a whole bunch of benefits that enhances mental health, such as Crazy88MMA.
Better sleep

Alleviating Anxiety

Stress-free mind

Overcoming drug addiction

Boosting your self-confidence etc.

In conclusion, fitness is the key ingredient for your sanity. So exercise well to stay fit both physically and mentally!



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