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Our sweet Lilee-Jean has Glioblastoma (GBM), a type of brain cancer. Let's do our absolute best to help this family through this hard time.

What was, What is, and In between.

I’m suffocating. I’m suffocating in the trivial, But necessary. I’m suffocating in the stagnant. I’m suffocating in the quest for normalcy. I want to run. I want to leave. I want to sit on a beach.. Or In a park… Or On a mountain.. In seclusion or surrounded by strangers and write my book. I don’t want life to continue. …

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A Miracle On Sandringham

Everyone says it will take time. Time to become a part of normal society, time to be able to work, time to be able to look forward. But when you need to pay rent, buy groceries and all the other necessities, time might be what you need but it is the last thing that you have. I started working about …

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As I sit on my couch I can almost see the dust settle around me. It’s been one month since Lilee took her last breath. One month since I’ve seen her. Held her. Kissed her. One month. Family has come and gone. Everyone has gone back to work, back to daily routines. The pain is still there but life goes …

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Friday, September 6th, 2013 4am. It was dark when I woke, yet I was wide awake. Not that I had gotten much sleep over the last 10 nights, but this felt different. I turned toward Lilee and listened, like I had done every day and night since she was heavily sedated on Monday. But It was different. Her breathing was …

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“A Place Between Heaven and Earth”

The air is crisp and calm, the sky clear and endless, like it always is after a storm. I am thankful Lilee is asleep, not in any pain. I am thankful she wakes up from time to time, to eat her favourite things or to tell us she loves us. I’m thankful for the “dancing in the rain” photos, comments …

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Thank you all so much for your prayers, good wishes and support. It is so beautiful to see how loved this little girl is.